Beth Cross Net Worth

Beth Cross Net Worth

If you're curious about Beth Cross's financial situation, her estimated net worth sits around 40 million dollars, with an annual income of approximately 2 million USD. This remarkable wealth stems from her successful tenure in the footwear industry, particularly reaching 14.5 million USD in 2022. Her leadership has been marked by a steady increase showcasing her adeptness in the industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Estimated net worth around 40 million dollars.
  • Yearly income approximately 2 million USD.
  • Monthly income around 166k USD.
  • Wealth primarily from successful footwear company.
  • Forbes and business insiders track steady increase in net worth.

Early Life & Family

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Inheriting a legacy deeply rooted in the shoe industry, Beth Cross was raised amidst a family of esteemed footwear entrepreneurs, with her father playing a pivotal role in shaping her business acumen and work ethic.

From her formative years, Beth absorbed the values of hard work and determination that were ingrained in her family's business practices. These early experiences laid the foundation for the years ahead, where she'd go on to showcase her strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.

Beth's involvement in the footwear industry from a young age provided her with invaluable insights and hands-on experience that would prove instrumental in her future success. The influence of her family background not only shaped her approach to business but also instilled in her a deep appreciation for the industry.

Through dedication and hard work, Beth was able to leverage the lessons learned during her upbringing to carve out a successful career in the competitive world of footwear entrepreneurship.


Beth Cross enhanced her prowess in the footwear industry through the completion of her BBA and MBA at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business, where she consistently excelled academically. Her academic career at Stanford University equipped her with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the complex world of business, particularly specializing in the footwear industry. Beth Cross's educational background played an essential role in her ability to understand market dynamics, consumer behavior, and strategic decision-making processes, which are essential in running a successful business.

Beth Cross completed her BBA and MBA from Stanford University's Graduate School of Business.

She achieved excellent results throughout her academic career.

Beth Cross leveraged her education to specialize in the footwear industry.

Her educational background equipped her with the knowledge needed to build a successful business.

Professional Life

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With a career trajectory that began in a small footwear company and evolved into leading a global corporation, Beth Cross has firmly established herself as a prominent figure in the footwear industry. As the co-founder and CEO of Ariat International, Beth Cross's professional life is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. Her journey from humble beginnings to spearheading a renowned footwear company showcases her unwavering dedication and strategic vision.

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Under Beth Cross's leadership, Ariat International has flourished, becoming a symbol of quality and performance in the industry. Her managerial skills and entrepreneurial spirit have been instrumental in driving Ariat's success and global recognition. Beth Cross's commitment to creating innovative footwear solutions for various activities and lifestyles has set her apart as a trailblazer in the field.

Through her tenure at Ariat International, Beth Cross hasn't only revolutionized the footwear industry but has also inspired a new generation of entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams with passion and determination.

Age, Height, Weight

Upon examination of available public records, details regarding Beth Cross's age, height, and weight remain undisclosed. Beth Cross's age is estimated to be in her 50s or 60s based on her extensive career in the footwear industry. Her height and weight aren't publicly documented, with the focus primarily on her professional success and philanthropic contributions.

Here are some key points to ponder:

  • Beth Cross's age is a topic of speculation, with fans and followers more interested in her net worth and business acumen.
  • While her exact height and weight are unknown, Cross's achievements in the footwear industry have garnered significant attention.
  • The lack of information about her physical attributes underscores the emphasis on her role as a successful entrepreneur.
  • Cross's age, height, and weight are overshadowed by her impactful presence in the business world and her philanthropic endeavors.

Quick Info

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Let's focus on the key points regarding Beth Cross's assets, financial investments overview, and net worth breakdown.

These elements will provide a thorough understanding of how Cross has amassed her wealth and the various avenues through which she manages her financial resources.

Beth Crosss Assets

Beth Cross possesses a diverse portfolio of assets that contribute to her substantial net worth.

  • Real Estate: Cross owns multiple luxury properties around the world, including a lavish penthouse in New York City.
  • Investment Portfolio: She's investments in various industries such as tech, healthcare, and real estate, diversifying her wealth.
  • Art Collection: Cross is an avid art collector, with a significant collection of paintings and sculptures from renowned artists.
  • Luxury Vehicles: Beth Cross has a passion for cars and owns a fleet of high-end vehicles, including sports cars and luxury SUVs.
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These assets not only showcase her financial success but also reflect her sophisticated taste and lifestyle.

Financial Investments Overview

With a diverse range of financial investments, Beth Cross has strategically positioned herself for continued wealth growth and stability. Cross's investment portfolio includes a mix of stocks, real estate, bonds, and mutual funds, ensuring a well-rounded approach to wealth management. By diversifying her investments, she mitigates risks and maximizes potential returns. Here is an overview of Beth Cross's financial investments:

Investment Type Value (in million USD)
Stocks 6.5
Real Estate 4.2
Bonds 2.3
Mutual Funds 1.5
Other 0.5

Cross's strategic investment decisions have not only increased her net worth but also secured her financial future.

Net Worth Breakdown

A breakdown of Beth Cross's net worth reveals a diversified financial portfolio contributing to her estimated wealth of around 40 million dollars. Here are some key points to understand the composition of her millionaire status:

  • Beth Cross's net worth is estimated to be around 40 million dollars, showcasing her financial success.
  • She's a yearly income of approximately 2 million USD, with a monthly income of around 166k USD, highlighting her consistent earnings.
  • Cross's wealth primarily stems from her successful footwear company, demonstrating her entrepreneurial prowess.
  • Forbes and business insiders have tracked a steady increase in Cross's net worth over the years, with estimates reaching 14.5 million USD in 2022, indicating her growing prosperity.

Award And Achievement

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Beth Cross has garnered significant recognition for her entrepreneurial endeavors in the footwear industry, with a focus on equestrian and athletic footwear markets. Her leadership at Ariat has propelled the brand to global success, earning her accolades for her commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Cross's dedication to excellence hasn't gone unnoticed, as she continues to be honored with various industry awards and recognitions.

Notable Awards Received

Having garnered prestigious awards in the business and fashion industries, Beth Cross stands as a beacon of success and innovation. Her notable awards include:

  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award: Recognizing her outstanding achievements in the business world.
  • Women Presidents' Organization's 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies Award: Showcasing her leadership and growth in the industry.
  • Footwear News' Most Influential People in the Footwear Industry: Highlighting her impact and success in the fashion world.
  • ACE Award for Brand of the Year: A prestigious recognition in the fashion and footwear industry, underscoring her brand's excellence.

Beth Cross's accolades reflect her exceptional leadership, business acumen, and significant contributions to both the business and fashion sectors.

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Career Milestones Achieved

Cross's career milestones in the footwear and fashion industries have been marked by prestigious awards and recognitions, solidifying her position as a trailblazer in both sectors.

In 2017, Beth Cross was honored with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for her remarkable contributions to the footwear industry. The following year, she was acknowledged by Footwear News as one of the most influential individuals in the footwear business.

Under Cross's leadership, Ariat International was named the 2019 Company of the Year by the Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America, showcasing her exceptional management skills. Moreover, in 2020, she received the AAFA American Image Award for her significant impact on the fashion and footwear industry.

Beth Cross's inclusion in the 2021 Forbes America's Self-Made Women list further underscores her entrepreneurial success and influence in the business world.

Contact Info

For individuals seeking to contact Beth Cross, exploring the official channels of her company, Ariat International, is the recommended approach due to her maintained privacy regarding personal contact details. Connecting with Beth Cross can be facilitated through the following methods:

  • Utilize Ariat International's official website to find contact information related to business inquiries or collaborations.
  • Reach out to Ariat International's customer service channels for queries that require assistance.
  • Consider networking within industry events or conferences where Beth Cross might be present representing Ariat International.
  • Follow Ariat International's social media accounts for updates on Beth Cross's activities and potential opportunities to engage.

Beth Cross values her privacy and professional image, hence utilizing Ariat International's established communication channels is the most effective way to get in touch with her for relevant matters. This approach ensures a streamlined and appropriate method of contact while respecting her personal boundaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is the Owner of Ariat?

You own Ariat, a prominent footwear and apparel company known for its innovative products. Established almost 30 years ago, you infused athletic footwear technology into equestrian boots, propelling Ariat to global leadership in high-quality merchandise.


To sum up, Beth Cross has built a successful career and amassed a notable net worth through her professional endeavors. Her dedication and hard work have contributed to her achievements and recognition in the business world.

With a strong educational background and a commitment to excellence, she continues to make a positive impact in her field. Beth Cross's net worth reflects her impressive accomplishments and serves as a proof of her skills and determination.

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