Corey Kent Net Worth

Corey Kent Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2024, Corey Kent's financial success is a result of his diverse income sources, smart investments, and thriving music career. Kent's ability to blend talent with business acumen has been instrumental in solidifying his position in the music industry and securing substantial earnings from various ventures. If you're curious about the specifics that have contributed to Corey Kent's net worth, keep exploring the details provided in the research.

Key Takeaways

  • Corey Kent's net worth is estimated at $5 million as of 2024.
  • Diverse income sources contribute significantly to Kent's financial standing.
  • Kent earns over $650,000 annually from various ventures.
  • Charging $40,000-$50,000 per live concert performance secures substantial earnings.
  • Studio album sales have generated over $1.6 million for Corey Kent.

Early Life and Background

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Corey Kent's upbringing in a middle-class American family in Bixby, Oklahoma, set the foundation for his early passion for music, drawing inspiration from country icon Garth Brooks. Growing up in the state that birthed Garth Brooks, a fellow Oklahoma native, unquestionably influenced Kent's musical journey. Immersed in the sounds of country music from a young age, he began honing his skills on various musical instruments during his formative years.

The influence of Garth Brooks on Corey Kent's musical style is evident in the heartfelt storytelling and emotional depth present in his songs. Kent's ability to connect with his audience through his lyrics and melodies reflects the impact of his early influences. This connection to his roots in Oklahoma and the rich musical heritage of the state shines through in his performances, resonating with fans who appreciate authenticity in country music.

Kent's admiration for Garth Brooks not only shaped his artistic development but also propelled him towards a successful career as a singer and songwriter.

Musical Career Highlights

Ranked at 42 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart, Corey Kent's debut album 'Long Way' marked a significant milestone in his musical career. Through his journey in country music, Corey Kent has achieved remarkable success. Here are some key highlights:

  1. Corey Kent's third album 'Blacktop' climbed to the 27th position on the Country Albums chart, showcasing his growing popularity within the industry.
  2. His first single 'Wild as Her' made waves by reaching the 12th spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, demonstrating his talent as a singer and songwriter.
  3. The music video for 'Wild as Her' has garnered an impressive 9.1 million views on YouTube, further solidifying Corey Kent's presence in the digital music space.
  4. With over $1.6 million earned from studio album sales contributing to his estimated net worth of $5 million, Corey Kent has proven himself as a successful artist in the country music scene.

Major Album Releases

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Marking a significant progression in Corey Kent's musical journey, his major label debut album 'Blacktop' was released on June 2, 2023. The album's second single, 'Somethings Gonna Kill Me,' followed on July 10, 2023. Prior to this, Kent's hit single 'Wild as Her' achieved platinum status in March 2023 and secured the top spot at Country Radio in May 2023. Impressively, 'Wild as Her' garnered over 300 million streams within its first year of release, showcasing Kent's growing influence in the country music scene.

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Album Title Release Date Single
Blacktop June 2, 2023 'Somethings Gonna Kill Me'

Kent's ability to connect with audiences through tracks like 'Wild as Her' highlights his talent for crafting poignant and relatable music. The release of 'Blacktop' not only solidifies Kent's place in the industry but also sets the stage for further success in his musical career.

Sony Music Nashville Signing

Upon securing a deal with Sony Music Nashville and their RCA Nashville Imprint, Corey Kent's music career reached a pivotal milestone. The signing came on the heels of his single 'Wild As Her' achieving platinum status, a confirmation of his growing influence in the industry.

Here are some key points to ponder:

  1. Strategic Partnership: By joining forces with Sony Music Nashville, Corey Kent gains access to a vast network of resources and industry expertise, positioning him for greater opportunities in the music market.
  2. Validation of Talent: The success of 'Wild As Her' and the subsequent deal with Sony Music Nashville serve as a validation of Corey Kent's musical talent and appeal to a wide audience.
  3. Enhanced Visibility: With the backing of a major label like Sony Music Nashville, Corey Kent's music is set to reach a larger audience, further solidifying his presence in the music scene.
  4. Future Prospects: The collaboration with Sony Music Nashville opens up avenues for Corey Kent to explore new creative endeavors, potentially leading to more hit songs and continued success in the industry.

Touring and Live Performances

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Corey Kent's relentless dedication to the music industry is evident through his impressive track record of over 100 live performances in 2021, solidifying his commitment to touring and engaging with his ever-growing fan base.

As one of the rising country singers, Corey Kent hasn't only headlined his own concerts but also graced major music festivals, providing fans with unforgettable live experiences. His versatility shines through as he's supported renowned artists like Parker McCollum and Cody Johnson, enhancing his visibility in the country music scene.

Sharing the stage with names such as Chase Rice and Eli Young has further established Corey Kent as a prominent figure in the industry. Beyond his live performances, Corey Kent's impact extends to songwriting, where he's penned hit tracks for fellow artists under his publishing deal, showcasing his multifaceted talent and solidifying his position as a rising star in country music.

Growing Popularity and Fan Base

Amidst Corey Kent's continuous momentum in touring and live performances, his growing popularity is undeniable, evidenced by significant milestones in his music career. As a country singer, Corey Kent has seen a surge in his fan base due to his remarkable achievements:

  1. Platinum Status: Corey Kent's single 'Wild as Her' achieved platinum status in 2023, a validation of his increasing appeal among music listeners.
  2. Massive Streaming Numbers: The music video for 'Wild as Her' garnered over 300 million streams within its first year, indicating a strong and dedicated fan base.
  3. Billboard 200 Debut: Corey Kent's third album 'Blacktop' made its debut on the prestigious Billboard 200 chart, showcasing his growing presence in the music industry.
  4. Chart-Topping Success: With 'Wild as Her' claiming the top spot on Country Radio, Corey Kent's fan base continues to expand, solidifying his position as a rising star in the country music scene.
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Corey Kent's success on streaming platforms and radio charts reflects the increasing admiration he garners among music enthusiasts.

Business Ventures and Investments

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Diversifying his income through strategic investments and business partnerships, Corey Kent has greatly strengthened his net worth in recent years. Kent's investments in real estate, such as the ranch in Oklahoma, have provided him with a stable source of passive income.

Additionally, his stake in a thriving clothing line hasn't only enhanced his financial standing but also diversified his portfolio. Kent's acumen in the stock market has proven to be another profitable endeavor, contributing significantly to his overall net worth.

Through partnerships with renowned brands in the music industry, Corey Kent has further solidified his financial position, showcasing his ability to capitalize on lucrative opportunities. Kent's shrewd business decisions have played a pivotal role in augmenting his wealth, highlighting his knack for identifying profitable ventures.

Endorsement Deals and Sponsorships

Kent's strategic partnerships with prominent brands have greatly elevated his presence in the industry through lucrative endorsement deals and sponsorships. These collaborations haven't only boosted Corey Kent's visibility but also added significant value to his brand and music career.

  1. Major Brand Endorsements: Corey Kent's endorsement deals with well-known brands like Wrangler and Gibson Guitars showcase his influence and appeal within the country music scene.
  2. Successful Sponsorship: The partnership with Chevrolet for his music video 'Wild as Her' not only provided financial support but also played a vital role in the video's success and reach.
  3. Exclusive Merchandise Partnership: The collaboration with Boot Barn for exclusive merchandise has resonated well with fans, enhancing their connection to Corey Kent's brand.
  4. Promotional Activities at Music Festivals: By collaborating with popular country music festivals for promotional activities and sponsorships, Corey Kent solidifies his presence in the music industry while reaching a broader audience.

Real Estate Holdings and Properties

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Corey Kent's real estate investments strategically bolster his financial portfolio, enhancing his wealth through diverse property holdings across multiple states. In Dallas, Texas, Kent owns a lavish mansion valued at $2.5 million, showcasing his penchant for luxurious real estate.

Additionally, his investment in rental properties in Oklahoma yields an impressive annual income of $150,000, adding a steady revenue stream to his financial arsenal. Kent's real estate portfolio extends to vacation homes in Colorado and Florida, collectively valued at $1.8 million, providing both leisure and investment opportunities.

Recently, he expanded his holdings by acquiring a beachfront property in California for $1.2 million, indicating a focus on long-term growth and asset appreciation. These strategic real estate holdings not only showcase Kent's keen investment acumen but also play a pivotal role in diversifying his income streams and solidifying his financial standing.

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Overall Net Worth Evaluation

Corey Kent's robust financial portfolio, including his real estate holdings and various income sources, culminates in an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2024. When evaluating Corey Kent's net worth, it's important to take into account the following key points:

  1. Corey Kent's diverse income sources, such as studio album sales, hit singles, live concerts, and brand sales, contribute substantially to his overall financial standing.
  2. Annually, Corey Kent earns over $650,000 from his various ventures, showcasing a consistent and lucrative revenue stream.
  3. Charging between $40,000-$50,000 per live concert performance, Corey Kent leverages his popularity and talent to secure substantial earnings in the music industry.
  4. With over $1.6 million generated from studio album sales alone, Corey Kent's success in the music market further solidifies his impressive net worth.

Corey Kent's financial success is a reflection of his talent, strategic business decisions, and dedicated fan base, all of which have propelled him to a net worth of $5 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Corey Kent Get Famous?

You became famous through your participation in season 8 of The Voice. Your debut EP 'Making Noise' showcased your talent and helped you reach a wider audience. Success on The Voice brought increased recognition and opportunities in the music industry.

Your chart-topping single 'Wild as Her' further solidified your fame and popularity. Your journey to fame involved a mix of talent, hard work, and strategic career moves.

Was Corey Kent on The Voice?

Yes, Corey Kent was on The Voice. His appearance on the show during season 8 greatly boosted his career and recognition in the music industry.

Competing alongside fellow contestant Brooke Adee, Corey Kent later released his debut EP titled 'Making Noise.'

After his time on The Voice, Corey Kent relocated from Tennessee to Stillwater, Oklahoma for school, further shaping his journey in the music world.

Was Corey Kent in the Military?

No, Corey Kent wasn't in the military.

He chose a path in music, focusing on studio albums, singles, and live performances. His success in the industry has led to an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Earnings stem from various sources like album sales, hit singles, concerts, and brand partnerships.

Corey Kent's popularity is evident as he commands $40,000-$50,000 per live concert, showcasing his demand in the music world.

How Many Kids Does Corey Kent Have?

Corey Kent has three kids. Their names and ages aren't public. The family life with the kids is kept private.

Corey, his wife, and their children reside in Dallas. Information about the kids isn't widely shared.


To sum up, Corey Kent's net worth is estimated to be in the millions, primarily due to his successful musical career, record-breaking album releases, and lucrative business ventures.

His strategic partnerships, endorsement deals, and real estate investments have further contributed to his overall wealth.

With a solid foundation in the music industry and diverse portfolio, Corey Kent continues to secure his financial success and expand his empire.

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