Larry D Reid Net Worth

Larry D Reid Net Worth

With a net worth of $1 million, Larry D Reid has achieved success through his music career and diverse investments in various ventures. His strategic positioning and multifaceted approach across media, spirituality, and music have contributed considerably to his financial portfolio. If interested, more insights into Larry D Reid's career highlights, personal life, interests, financial portfolio, investments, and future plans hint at a deeper understanding of his journey to success.

Key Takeaways

  • Larry D Reid's net worth is $1 million, largely from his successful music career.
  • His investments in the music industry contribute significantly to his financial portfolio.
  • Acting ventures provide diversity and lucrative returns, adding to his wealth.
  • Strategic investments in screenwriting and spiritual leadership enhance financial stability.
  • Reid's multifaceted approach to investments reflects a strategic and diversified financial portfolio.

Larry D Reid Biography

Larry D. Reid's biography showcases a multifaceted individual excelling in media, spirituality, and music, with a strong educational foundation and a thriving entrepreneurial spirit. As the Senior Spiritual Leader, Larry Reid Live, he leverages his expertise to inspire and uplift audiences. Reid's role as the founder of The MBN Network (MBN) demonstrates his visionary leadership in the media industry. Holding master's and Doctor of Theology degrees, Reid's commitment to spiritual and intellectual growth is evident in his work.

In addition to his spiritual endeavors, Reid is deeply involved in the music industry as a songwriter and recording artist. His creativity and passion shine through in his musical compositions. Through his On-air Host show programs and MBN shows, Reid engages with a wide audience, sharing his wisdom and insights. As the president and owner of LDREnterprises, LLC, Reid's entrepreneurial acumen is apparent in his ability to successfully manage and grow his business ventures. Each aspect of Larry D. Reid's biography reflects a man of diverse talents and unwavering dedication to his craft.

Larry D Reid Career Highlights

Larry D. Reid's career highlights prominently feature his involvement in acclaimed projects such as 'Kingdom Business' (2022), 'Larry Reid Live' (2016), and 'Reiding Things My Way' (2020). In these ventures, Reid exhibits his multifaceted talents in writing, producing, and acting roles, showcasing a breadth of skills that have garnered critical acclaim.

Particularly notable is his role as the creator and executive producer of the highly praised 'Larry Reid Live' (2016) TV Mini Series, where his creative vision came to life on screen. Additionally, his previous work includes a producer credit on 'Reiding Things My Way' (2020-2021), further solidifying his reputation in the industry.

Reid's versatility is also evident in his appearance as a Religious Commentator in an episode of 'American Gangster: Trap Queens' (2022), demonstrating his ability to adapt and excel in diverse roles within the entertainment world. These career highlights not only underscore Reid's artistic prowess but also hint at the financial success that may have contributed to his overall net worth.

Larry D Reid Music Success

larry d reid achievements

Larry D. Reid's music success stems from his early music influences, diverse album releases, and strategic fan engagement tactics.

His ability to draw from a range of musical inspirations has contributed to his unique sound and appeal to a broad audience.

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Through a consistent release of albums and interactive fan interactions, Larry D. Reid has solidified his position in the music industry.

Early Music Influences

Influenced by a variety of musical styles and genres during his upbringing in Brooklyn, New York, Larry D. Reid's early music influences greatly shaped his unique sound and style as an artist. Growing up in a bustling music scene, Larry was exposed to a melting pot of sounds that fueled his passion for music.

Artists like Michael Jackson, Prince, and Aretha Franklin served as pillars of inspiration, guiding Larry D. Reid on his musical journey. These early influences not only molded his artistic identity but also laid a strong foundation for his successful career in the music industry.

Larry D. Reid's roots in Brooklyn, New York, and his exposure to diverse musical genres have unquestionably played a pivotal role in shaping him into the accomplished recording artist he's today.

Album Releases Overview

Examining Larry D. Reid's album releases gives a thorough overview of his accomplishments in the music industry. With several solo albums under his belt, Reid has solidified his position as a talented singer and songwriter.

These music releases haven't only showcased his skills but have also greatly contributed to his net worth, which currently stands at $1 million. Reid's albums have been well-received by his audience, further establishing his presence in the music scene.

Through his music career, he's demonstrated a strong ability to connect with listeners and deliver impactful messages through his songs. Reid's success in the industry can be directly attributed to the quality and resonance of his album releases.

Fan Engagement Strategies

Engaging fans through various interactive platforms and personalized experiences is essential for maximizing Larry D. Reid's music success and cultivating a dedicated audience base. Leveraging his fan engagement strategies effectively contributes to his overall success in the music industry. Here are four key tactics Larry D. Reid employs:

  1. Utilizing Social Media: By actively engaging with fans on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Larry D. Reid keeps his audience informed and connected.
  2. Offering Merchandise: Providing fans with exclusive merchandise not only generates revenue but also enhances their sense of belonging to the artist's community.
  3. Personalized Experiences: Incorporating fan feedback into his work creates a strong connection and makes fans feel valued and heard.
  4. Consistent Presence: Maintaining a regular presence on platforms like YouTube and social media platforms helps sustain fan interest and engagement.

Larry D Reid Acting Ventures

larry d reid highlights

Larry D. Reid has actively pursued acting ventures in recent years, showcasing his talent in various television productions. He appeared as a Religious Commentator in an episode of 'American Gangster: Trap Queens' (2022) and took part in the TV series 'Kingdom Business' (2022) as Larry D. Reid. Additionally, Reid served as a Writer and Producer on the TV series 'Larry Reid Live' (2016), highlighting his diverse skills within the entertainment industry. His involvement in 'Reiding Things My Way' (2020-2021) as a producer further solidified his position in the showbiz world.

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Reid's IMDb ratings demonstrate the positive reception of his work, with both 'Larry Reid Live' and 'Reiding Things My Way' boasting high ratings of 8.6. Through these spiritual and media-focused acting ventures, Reid, known for his singing abilities and media personality, has expanded his presence in the world of films and television shows, showcasing his versatility and talent to audiences worldwide.

Larry D Reid Personal Life

Larry D. Reid's personal life, including details about his family and hobbies, sheds light on the man behind his public persona as a spiritual leader.

His private nature, balanced diet, and dedication to his pastoral care work offer a glimpse into how he balances personal and professional aspects of life.

Understanding his family dynamics and interests provides a more holistic view of Larry D. Reid as an individual.

Family Life Details

Amid his public commitments and spiritual endeavors, Larry D. Reid values and prioritizes his family life, maintaining a strong bond with his wife, Lisa, and their two children. Larry Reid's dedication to his family reflects his values and commitment to his responsibilities.

Here are some key aspects of Larry D. Reid's family life:

  1. Private Life Balance: Despite a public persona, Larry D. Reid keeps his personal life private, focusing on his career while cherishing family time.
  2. Family Importance: Family is a significant aspect of Larry Reid's life, showcasing his values and commitment to his loved ones.
  3. Strong Family Bond: Larry D. Reid maintains a robust connection with his wife, Lisa, and ensures quality time with their two children.
  4. Work-Life Harmony: Balancing work commitments with family responsibilities is a priority for Larry D. Reid, demonstrating his commitment to both areas of his life.

Hobbies and Interests

Maintaining a strong bond with his family, Larry D. Reid's personal interests and hobbies reflect a diverse range of activities that enrich his personal life beyond his public engagements.

Larry D. Reid finds joy in playing basketball and following sports, showcasing his passion for athleticism. His active involvement in the music industry highlights his deep-rooted love for music, a significant aspect of his life.

Additionally, Larry D. Reid's fascination with exploring different cultures through travel demonstrates his curiosity and open-mindedness. As a collector of rare books, he indulges in reading during his leisure time, enhancing his knowledge and intellectual pursuits.

These hobbies and interests not only provide him with relaxation but also contribute to his multifaceted persona outside his role at MBN Network.

Larry D Reid Financial Portfolio

financial advisor larry d reid s portfolio

Within Larry D. Reid's financial portfolio are investments spanning music, acting, screenwriting, and spiritual leadership, contributing to his impressive net worth of $1 million. His financial success is a result of strategic ventures in various fields, showcasing his versatility and business acumen.

  1. Music Industry: Larry Reid's involvement in the music industry through his singing and songwriting has been a significant contributor to his financial portfolio.
  2. Acting: His foray into acting hasn't only added diversity to his career but has also been a lucrative investment.
  3. Screenwriting: Larry D. Reid's ventures in screenwriting have provided him with additional streams of income and expanded his portfolio.
  4. Spiritual Leadership: With his background in spiritual services and education from institutions like Zion Christian School and Hosanna Bible College, Larry Reid has also invested in spiritual leadership, further enhancing his financial stability.
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Larry D. Reid's financial portfolio reflects a strategic approach to diversification and leveraging his skills across multiple industries, solidifying his position as a successful entrepreneur and artist.

Larry D Reid Investments

Larry D. Reid's investments in Cleartronic Inc and Arrow Resources Development Inc showcase his strategic positioning in diverse industries. As a senior pastor with a background in theology from Zion Christian, his role as President and owner in Cleartronic Inc and director and Executive Vice President in Arrow Resources Development Inc highlight his multifaceted approach to investments. Reid's commitment is evident through his directorship, 10 percent ownership, and active participation in Cleartronic Inc, along with his directorial position in Arrow Resources Development Inc. Remarkably, insider trading data indicates that Reid has held onto his shares in both companies over the past 3 and 18 months, signaling his confidence in their potential growth. To provide a visual representation of his investments, the table below outlines key details:

Company Position Ownership
Cleartronic Inc President and owner 10%
Arrow Resources Development Inc Director and Executive VP

Larry D Reid Future Plans

digitally transforming customer relationships

In his upcoming endeavors, Larry D. Reid intends to expand his media presence and further develop his role as a recording artist and media personality. Here are four key aspects of Larry D. Reid's future plans:

  1. Enhancing Spiritual Coaching Services: Larry D. Reid aims to deepen his spiritual coaching services, offering impactful guidance to his audience through various platforms.
  2. Collaborations for Diverse Content: He plans to collaborate with influencers and artists to create engaging and diverse content, enriching the experience for his followers.
  3. Brand Growth and Audience Reach: Larry D. Reid is focused on growing his brand to reach a wider audience with his music, commentary, and shows.
  4. Venturing into New Projects: Considering potential ventures such as acting roles or additional business projects, Larry D. Reid seeks to diversify and enhance his career portfolio.

Through these strategic moves, he aims to solidify his presence in the media industry and provide enriching experiences for his audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Larry Reid Known For?

You know Larry Reid for his multifaceted talents in music, commentary, and leadership. He's recognized as a recording artist, media figure, and pastor. His diverse roles in entertainment and spirituality showcase his dynamic abilities.


To summarize, Larry D Reid has built a successful career in both music and acting, showcasing his talent and passion in the entertainment industry. With a strong financial portfolio and strategic investments, Reid has secured a substantial net worth.

His future plans are likely to continue his upward trajectory, as he continues to expand his influence and success in the industry.

Overall, Larry D Reid's dedication and hard work have paid off, positioning him as a key player in the entertainment world.

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